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It's a Free Granada Tour on imprint of historical women through the historical, artistic and monumental center to meet the most emblematic of Granada. We begin to tell you about the Muslim era, from the forgotten history of the sultans of the alhambra to the most epic exploits of the mighty queen Elizabeth the Catholic.

All the history that we usually tell and read in books was always written by men and for men, today we already know and can tell you much more than what appears in the books, history of those of considered unfit for life outside their homes.
We also explain all the anecdotes and stories of the tremendous flamenco artists, the community of gypsy women, the neighbors of Albaicin, etc.
Scholars and scholars in the XNUMXst century look for data or traces of written and verbal evidence to find out the secrets or what all those queens, princesses, mothers, wives, grandmothers, daughters and sisters could not tell us because even leading a domestic life, for and for the service of the family and household chores, some deviated from the imposed social line, rioting and destroying wherever they went, among them were: The Regent Sultana Aixa, Mariana Pineda, Juana la Loca, Maria the basket maker, and many more that we will tell you about during the tour.


From Thursday to Monday at 10:00 a.m.

Meeting Point

Next to the Supreme Palace of Justice of New Square. identify our pink umbrella.


2h. approx.


Spanish or English.

What does the Free Tour of Historical Women of Granada consist of?

We start the guided tour from New Square, we will pass through emblematic women's squares such as the one in Isabel the Catholic, Mariana de Pineda Square, also the Plaza de la Capilla Real we explain the history of the dubious madness of Juana, Isabel's daughter, we stopped at madrasah for some brief explanations on the subject, the Royal Chancery where they executed Mariana de Pineda and we went up to see the Laundry of the Sun of the Realejo, we will continue along the slope of Gomérez to comment on the history of the Jewish woman and without forgetting the gypsies of Sacromonte and the various illustrious women who passed through this city. 

A tour simple, with ups and downs that will make us hungry and thirsty before tapas time.


Plaza Mariana Pineda, Plaza Isabel La Católica, Plaza Madraza, Lavadero del Sol, Cuesta de Gomerez, Cuesta del Rey Chico, Casa de Zafra.

What includes
  • Official guide.
  • Sense of humor.
  • Panoramic views of the city.
  • Intensity High average
  • It is necessary to arrive 5 minutes before to check in.
  • Always comfortable shoes.
  • In spring and summer take your water bottle y sunscreen.
  • In winter and autumn you should be aware of the storm, if it rains do not forget your umbrella.
  • Prepare properly for going up and down hills.
  • physical intensity High average.
Cancellation policy
  • Lolita's Tours reserves the right to cancel any service that does not reach a minimum of 4 people.
  • Reserved the right of admission on behalf of the company. 

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